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Recent years have seen numerous advances in air conditioning technology with systems now being smaller, quieter and more efficient than ever before with many systems having an “A+++” energy efficiency rating. They are also smarter with most manufacturers offering the facility to control from a smart phone, tablet or laptop.

As well as the standard air conditioning units that we are all used to seeing, there are now all kinds of designs available. From super modern, sleek and quirky looking indoor units with intelligent moving parts and colour changing lights to discrete systems hidden away out of sight and working quietly to keep you comfortable all year around.

Modern air conditioning systems are also designed with easy installation and servicing in mind and as a result of this having a new air conditioning system installed is not the upheaval that it once was. Whether you are looking at air conditioning your conservatory or bedroom, offices or computer rooms, hotel or shop then Ecotemp will work alongside you step by step from the initial survey through installation and commissioning  to the final handover and demonstration and training on the control systems where needed.

Ecotemp Environmental work alongside all major air conditioning manufacturers to make sure we can always provide you with the perfect solution to keep you at the perfect temperature all year around as well as adding value to your home or place of work.

Following any installation Ecotemp offer the first maintenance of the system free of charge, after this maintenance has been carried out, we will then recommend a maintenance schedule to suit you.

5% VAT on all domestic heat pump installations.

Up to 5 Year warranties

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